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3107 Green Meadows Way
Columbia, MO 65201
ph. (573) 442-4969


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7:00 pm
Pat Bianchi, Joe Locke


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Good Jazz” has always played a big part of what we do at Murry’s. From the outset – whether played as recorded or a live music – jazz has been the music our customers hear.

Like the restaurant the live music presentations heard live in our “living room” atmosphere – has evolved. Our initial affiliation with National Pastimes Productions allowed us to present local jazz artists regularly and touring artists once a month for the first decade.

Meanwhile, as a live music venue featuring touring national artists we’ve enjoyed comparisons to our counterparts in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major markets. Since opening our doors, we’ve played host to some of the world’s living legends as well as a number of the younger but seasoned jazz performers.

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